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Evaluation Modes in Scala

3 minute read

We’ll take a look at some core Scala constructs and look at them from a different angle than we’re used to.

Akka Streams Backpressure

10 minute read

Akka Streams implements backpressure, a critical component of the Reactive Streams specification. This article is a demonstration of this mechanism.

Kafka Streams 101

31 minute read

Apache Kafka is clearly the leading technology concerning message brokers, and Kafka Streams brings a complete stateful streaming system based directly on to...

Custom Pattern Matching in Scala

6 minute read

Pattern matching is one of Scala’s most powerful features. In this article, we’ll how to customize it and create our own patterns.

ZIO Kafka: A Practical Streaming Tutorial

22 minute read

Apache Kafka has proven itself as a reliable and scalable communication bus between distributed application components. We’ll learn to use ZIO to interact wi...