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A 2021 Retrospective

5 minute read

Wrapping up 2021 with an overview of what’s happened this year at Rock the JVM.

Learn Doobie for the Greater Good

31 minute read

We rely on the JDBC specification if we need to connect to SQL databases in the JVM ecosystem. However, JDBC is not a good fit if we use functional programmi...

Tagless Final in Scala

12 minute read

Demystifying the tagless final pattern in Scala. TLDR: it’s got nothing to do with type classes.

Evaluation Modes in Scala

3 minute read

We’ll take a look at some core Scala constructs and look at them from a different angle than we’re used to.

Akka Streams Backpressure

10 minute read

Akka Streams implements backpressure, a critical component of the Reactive Streams specification. This article is a demonstration of this mechanism.

Kafka Streams 101

31 minute read

Apache Kafka is clearly the leading technology concerning message brokers, and Kafka Streams brings a complete stateful streaming system based directly on to...