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Scala 3: Opaque Types

4 minute read

We discover opaque type aliases in Scala 3 and how we can define new types with zero overhead.

Scala 3 Traits: New Features

4 minute read

This article will continue some of the previous explorations of Scala 3. Here, we’ll discuss some of the new functionality of traits in Scala 3.

Enums in Scala 3

3 minute read

Scala 3 introduces enums. About time! Even though it might seem like something minor, it has important implications.

New Types in Scala 3

6 minute read

Scala 3 introduces some new kinds of types, which we’re eagerly awaiting for.

Refined Types in Scala

5 minute read

We look at how we can impose constraints on values at compile time with the Refined library.

Underscores are Overloaded in Scala!

3 minute read

Scala syntax is so confusing sometimes - I’ll show almost all uses of underscores in Scala. Sometimes the philosophy is inconsistent, but it’s worth at least...